Climate Action Training

Welcome to Ecology North’s latest project to support and encourage youth leadership and engagement on Climate Change. We are building a 6 part web-based Climate Change Training for youth. We have put it out there and invited youth from all over the NWT to participate in this free climate training. Those who replied are being urged to attend the live sessions (either in person at our Yellowknife office), at one of the CC nodes (Inuvik, Hay River) or in your living room. This carbon free format allows flexibility and knowledgable experts to come to you (online). We expect you to follow along, participate by asking questions, and joining the discussion. We are also asking youth to take action following this session. There is still an opportunity to join (email for more info.)

Session # 1- Climate Change the Science was completed on Wednesday January 15th. Thank you to Jennifer Hickman, Casey Beel and Neils Weiss for sharing their knowledge with participants. We also want to thank our participants who joined the session. For those who want to watch the 1 1/2 hour recorded zoom conference, it is now available here (EN’s vimeo site).

Session # 1 – The Science:

This intro session to climate change Science was our first attempt at the zoom workshop format webinar. Our presenters were great, and we covered some amazing content and concepts. We learned a few things, and expect a much more polished webinar for the second go round (featuring better sound and a bit more polished flow) – thanks for the patience. By the end of this session we got into the groove and the flow relaxed to the comfortable living room feel video podcast we were hoping for. We’d like to thank Jennifer Hickman, Casey Beel and Neils Weiss for their presentations. Check out the video link on vimeo here:

We also asked each presenter to provide a list of their go to resources. This library of resources will be made available as part of the toolkit youth will have following the training along with the slideshows and other tools:

Check out Casey and Neils resource recommendations.

Check out Jennifer’s resource favourites.

Session #2 – Northern Impacts will be January 22nd, 2020 at 4pm. The focus will be on Climate Change Impacts in the North. Join us to learn from Climate Change Expert Brian Seiben, and Permafrost Scientist Ashley Rudy to learn about what is happening in the NWT.

Session # 3 – Community Action will be January 29th, 2020 (time TBD). Join Aklavik Senior Administrative Officer Fred Berens as he describes what Aklavik has done to help reduce the communities energy use and tackle climate change mitigation. We’ll also have an adaptation expert (TBD) who will highlight how NWT communities are adapting to climate Change, with real world examples.

Session # 4 – Cimate Activism – February 5th, 2020 at 4pm. We will have three young climate activists sharing their stories on the frontline. Join Ella Kokelj, Daniel T’Seleie and Ellen Gillies as they document their experiences making change and highlight opportunities to get involved in climate action.

Session #5 – Effective Climate Communication – February 12th, 2020 (time TBD)- Join APTN photojournalist – Charlotte Morrit- Jacobs and Our Time’s Thomas Gagnon Van Leeuwin who will share with you media training and knowledge about how to amplify your message. As well as how to effectively communicate climate messaging.

Session #6 – Northern Leadership – Feb 12th, 2020 (Time TBD) will have a hopeful message of how the north can and must take an active leadership role in climate action. Join Dr. Courtney Howard (an internationally renowned climate and health advocate) and Jordan Peterson (the Deputy Grand Chief of the Gwichin Tribal Council and an outspoken advocate for climate solutions led by youth). This inspiring duo will lead us on a journey to discover how and where the NWT can and should be front and centre in the national and international climate sphere.

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