Our Work

Climate Change

We work directly with communities and individuals to understand, mitigate, and adapt to climate change in the north. Most recently, we developed a series of Adaptation Guides for communities across northern Canada and created a film on the NWT’s 2014 Summer of Smoke. We’re currently working on Climate Action Training – an online program to equip young Northerners with knowledge and skills to face the climate crisis.

Waste Reduction

Ecology North has been active in waste reduction initiatives since the mid 1990s. Some of our successes include spearheading the recycling and centralized composting programs in Yellowknife, running a zero-waste plate rental service, and creating free tools for green event planning. If you are interested in participating in our current waste reduction initiatives, join our Waste Reduction Committee!

Local Food Production

We support local food production here in the North through facilitating community garden planting, creating resources for northern growers and producers, and by partnering with other local food advocates. We are currently working with schools across Yellowknife to establish school gardening programs.

Water Stewardship

Education is central to our work promoting water stewardship in the NWT. We run yearly events like Rivers to Oceans Day and Water Week, and recently hosted a Water Stewardship Gathering in March, 2019. Our #loveNWTwater awareness campaign has encouraged hundreds of individuals and dozens of organizations reduce dependence on bottled water in favour of local NWT water. Visit our sister website www.lovenwtwater.ca for more info and to sign the pledge!

Environmental Education

Through out the school year Ecology North visits dozens of classrooms in and around Yellowknife to provide kids with fun and engaging opportunities to learn about a variety of environmental topics, from bats to permafrost to composting. We have developed an extensive database of free environmental education resources for educators, visit our sister site www.nwtsciencefocus.ca to take a look!

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